COVID Relief Grant Application Assistance

Questions on How to Apply?


 You will need the following items along with your application:

  • Proof of employees prior to February 1, 2020 (prior to COVID impact). Newer organizations may disclose number of employees at time of opening.  This proof of employees should be a list of employees with average number of hours worked.  We do not want/need names of employees, but position instead.  For example – Bartender – 20 hours a week, Server, 30 hours a week, etc. This can be a list you send us, or a report you generate that shows the necessary information to determine proof of employees and hours worked.  

  • Profit and loss statements of Q3 & Q4 (July-December) 2020 compared to 2019. These are statements that should show the revenue and operational expenses the organization incurred this year during the specified time range, compared to last year.

  • **For new businesses only** If P&L statements cannot be generated, please upload expenses incurred and revenue generate since July 1, 2020. 

  • Organizations must have generated at least $10,000 in revenue in 2020 since operation.  In addition, the grant amount cannot exceed the revenue or expenses the business received/incurred in 2020. 

  • Your 2019 Tax Return or equivalent year-end financials if you do not have a tax return. Your tax return should include Schedule K-1s/Schedule C. 

  • **For new businesses that do not have a tax return, please ensure to upload operational expenses and revenue from July-December of 2020, but you may skip this uploaded item.

  • Complete a W-9 form so the County can pay your organization if selected for a grant.  Follow the link to fill out the document, fill out the fields, save to your computer and upload to the application. There is the link for the W9 Form:

Video on How to Apply for a COVID Relief Grant

Assistance with Completing Application

Anoka County Regional Economic Development can be reached at for assistance when filling out the application.

In addition, you can reach out to any of these technical assistance providers below


NEO Michael Ryan Regional Director 651-962-4500
African American Development Center Hibo Abdi Business Advisor / Loan Officer (612) 333-4772
Community and Economic Development Associates Stephanie Lawson Community & Business
Development Specialist
(507) 867-3164
African Economic Development Solutions Idris Mohamed Business Development
Program Manager
(651) 646-9411
Asian Economic Development Association Va-Megn Thoj Executive Director 651-222-7798
African Economic Development Solutions 651-646-9411
Black Women’s Wealth Alliance 651-621-2758 or 612-256-0110
Hmong American Partnership 651-495-9160 
Latino Economic Development Center 651-621-2758
Mni Sota Fund (serving American Indian businesses) 612-405-2699
MN Black Chamber of Commerce
Urban Village (serving Karen and Karenni businesses)
East Side Neighborhood Development Company 651-288-8744
Neighborhood Development Center 651-291-2480
Northside Economic Opportunity Network (NEON) Anna Schmiel – Community Engagement Coordinator  (612) 302-1505 
Metropolitan Consortium of Community Developers (MCCD)
Metropolitan Economic Development Association (MEDA) Patrick Pariseau (612) 332-6332
Woman’s Venture Network Sarah Pike Women’s Business Center Director
Small Business Development Center Michael Ryan Regional Director 651-962-4500
Entrepreneur Fund Mike Lattery, Director of Business Finance (218) 623-5747