By: Jacquel Hajder


The Minnesota Real Estate Journal (MNREJ) hosts an annual awards ceremony to recognize exceptional commercial real estate projects and communities in over 30 categories.  With hundreds of submissions for the awards every year, the event attracts distinguished real estate and community members to attend and find out who the winners were in each category.  Multiple projects and communities in Anoka County were finalist in their categories for premier projects, or strong community partnership in development.


The City of Fridley and the City of Blaine were both finalist for Municipality of the Year Award.  Large projects to note in their communities include a 1,000,000+ sf redevelopment (Northern Stacks), multifamily projects, Fridley Park of Commerce 456,000 sf new industrial construction, Crown Iron Works new headquarters in Blaine, Cielo Apartments 200+ apartment complex, and Lexington Preserve Business Park (400,000 sf expansion).


Additional projects throughout Anoka County were honored in their categories of excellence as well.  The Legends of Columbia Heights was a finalist for Senior Housing Project of the Year, completed by Dominium with City Collaboration on the project.  Fridley Park of Commerce (Industrial Equities Project) was nominated for Industrial Project of the year, adding 456,000 sf of new industrial space along the I-694 corridor.  The Curtis 1000 Lease won the lease transaction of the year working closely with their broker team and Industrial Equities to consolidate their over 200,000 sf of facilities into a new space at the Fridley Park of Commerce.  Finally, the Legends of Spring Lake Park won Affordable Housing Project of the Year a 194 affordable senior housing project done by Dominium as a redevelopment of a previous old commercial site once used for mini-golf.


This list of projects and wins are just a brief picture to the great investment happening throughout the 21 communities in Anoka County.  Congratulations to all of the finalist and winners.