To provide further information about the benefits of locating a business in the Minnesota Technology corridor (a public private-partnership in Minnesota to attract tech firms) the corridor partners worked with Excipio Consulting to develop cost/return on investment summary. The summary takes into considerations the needs of a data center or high-tech businesses in their site a site assessment with Excipio Consulting. The subject site is located in Centerville along I-35E.

The purpose of this assessment is to help the Minnesota Technology Corridor understand the requirements, costs, and other considerations to attract prospective data center developers to the Centerville market. The assessment includes the following sections: location attributes, an economic analysis, a site risk assessment and appendixes containing detailed analysis elements. The assessment was funded through a cost share agreement with the City of Centerville, Connexus Energy and Comcast.  With the assessment completed, the MN Technology Corridor now has an opportunity to provide not only the location advantages of locating in this region, but the cost advantages as well. 

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