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Oak Grove

Oak Grove is a City located in northern Anoka County, within 30 miles of Minneapolis/St. Paul. Oak Grove is home to 8,685 residents and approximately 3,011 households. A majority of residents enjoy large lot living with access to Lake George Regional Park and Rum River Central Regional Park as well as the Rum River and Cedar Creek. Residents experience an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city with abundant access to nature, suburban amenities, privacy, safety, low traffic and great schools. Businesses in Oak Grove experience one of the lowest regulatory environments, with a community that supports and prides itself on businesses of all sizes because of the high median household income and strong labor pool.


Business Relief Grants The City will be offering COVID Relief Grants to its business community, including home-based businesses. Check with the city for more information. or contact Loren Wickham


19900 Nightingale Street NW Oak Grove, MN 55011





Loren Wickham

City Administrator